Zheanae is excited to now offer Australia’s leading premier provider of non-peroxide teeth whitening, Pearly Smile, one of the largest aesthetic teeth whitening concepts in Australia. Providing a comprehensive range of safe NON-PEROXIDE teeth whitening solutions.

“Teeth whitening is no longer a luxury for the rich and famous but has now become part of our regular beauty routine.”

Having teeth that are stained yellow, brown or grey is incredibly ageing and really stands out in today’s world.  Now everyone wants white teeth, whatever their age, background or gender!

The active whitening ingredient in Pearly Smile products is Sodium Bicarbonate or SB. SB is just as effective as Hydrogen Peroxide but it is gentler, meaning SB doesn’t cause the same level of sensitivity and it doesn’t present the same kind of risks if inadvertently applied to a cracked or damaged tooth.

Only registered dentists may prescribe and provide teeth whitening products containing greater than 6% Hydrogen Peroxide to their patients. Pearly Smile is non-hydrogen-peroxide / non-carbamide cosmetic whitening products and can be provided at Zheanae.

The Pearly Smile teeth whitening system is designed to restore your teeth to their natural colour and to bring visual harmony to you new white, bright, healthy smiling face.  It works by removing both the external staining from the surface of your teeth as well as removing the intrinsic staining from the enamel of your teeth in just 20 minutes or 40 minutes if you teeth are heavily stained.



Pearly Smile is Australia’s first ever medical grade LED teeth whitening device that is powered by your Mobile Smart Phone! Experience the ultimate home teeth whitening system using only the finest quality ingredients in our whitening gels and the most advanced BPA FREE Thermoplastic Mouthpiece with inbuilt LED light technology for the most innovative home whitening experience!We are proud to offer Legal grade teeth whitening gels that offer your complete piece of mind, dermologically tested through clinical studies to offer zero tooth sensitivity through the smart use of (3% HP).

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