Russian Volume

Russian Volume Lashes are achieved by placing hand-made "fans" of 2 to 8 individual extensions onto each natural lash.


Russian Volume is perfect for if you have the finest lashes to achieve considerable volume, or if you already have a lot of lashes, the MOST dramatic, thick, long lashes possible!  


Don't be fooled, Russian Volume is an ART and only few have the appropriate professional training! Don't risk it!  Your lashes are in safe hands at Zheanae Salon.


"Hybrid" lashes are a combination of Classic and Russian Volume.


Hybrid lashes are perfect for clients who want to add more length and volume to create a dramatic look!


There are a number of ways we can style Hybrid lashes!


My favourite style to do using the Hybrid technique is "KardashLash" which is a wispy spikey beautiful mess!


From natural to dramatic, you choose!


"Classic" lashes are method where 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash.


Classic lashes are perfect for clients who haven't had extensions before and just want to add some length and thickness while keeping a natural look like mascara. 

Eyelash Extensions