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Before(not my work) VS After

Have you had a lash lift done and they are all crooked? Painful? Itchy? Look like they've been "fried"?  Or are they growing out like crazy!?  Let me rescue you!

This service is for those which have had a lash lift done incorrectly by another salon and are seeking to have it rectified immediately. Sometimes this is not the lash artists fault, your lashes simply may not have taken to the lift very well.  You may even be my own client! 

It's all good though, lash lifts can be reversed. We call this "Relaxed".  I have done a lot of reversals lately!

There are many inexperienced or lazy "lash artists" who are over processing Lash Lifts or who have been trained incorrectly, increasing your risk of developing an allergy or permanent damage to your lashes!

If you cannot get a hold of your lash technician or don’t trust them to go near your eyes again, and if we can fit you in during our usual working hours the reversal is $100. There is a surplus for all after hour appointments. If you require us to come to you, a travel fee will also apply.

I will always highly suggest that you purchase Elleeplex  ($35) to assist with the regrowth.  Please keep this in mind.

If needed, we will reverse a lash lift for my own clients within 48 hrs at no additional charge.

Emergency Reversals