To say I am obsessed with makeup, lashes, fashion and fun is an understatement.

I discovered my love of the beauty industry as a young girl, often practising my makeup but having to wipe it off straight away due to living on a farm, at the time believing it to be unnecessary.  This love of makeup and fashion was suppressed until I moved to Canberra at the age of 18, where it was "OK" to experiment, products where available and I had places to wear makeup!  It took me until 28 to realise my true passion for makeup and fashion, and so began my career as a makeup artist, and “Zheanae” was born.


A lot of people ask me "where did you get the salon name from? Well "Zheanae" means beauty or beautiful in the fictional Dothraki language in Game of Thrones and is pronounced "Zhi-ah-nay".  It is my goal to have you leaving the salon feeling like a Khaleesi (Queen)!


2016 - Classic Eyelash Extensions - LPL Studio

2017 - Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions - Brisbane Lashes

2017 - Lash Lifts - LPL Studio

2018 - Henna Brows - Australian Lash & Brow Artists, Brisbane

2018 - Mega Volume - LashBox LA

2018 - Lash Lifts - Lash Vision Academy, Melbourne 

2018 - PearlySmile, Teeth Whitening

Awards & Acknowledgements 

2017 - 1st Place - Lash Festival - Lash Lift Category 

2018 - NALA Lash Artist of the Year Nomination

2019 - Sponsored by Elleebana "Elleebana Collective"

Conference Attendances

2017 - Lash Bash, Gold Coast

2017 - Lash Vision, Melbourne

2018 - Lash Bash Gold Coast

2018 - Lash Vision, Melbourne 

Quick Questions!

  • Favourite meal? Maccas - Chicken N Cheese with extra cheese and extra mayo

  • Favourite drink? Long Island Ice Tea, or Rum, or any New Zealand Sauv Blanc.

  • Favourite animal? CATS!

  • Favourite team? Wests Tigers 

  • Favourite genre of music?  POST MALONE or anything Dance. Channel set to RawFM!

  • Favourite makeup? Lipsense and highlighter

  • Favourite accessory? Spray Tan

  • Favourite place? My family’s farm or the dancefloor

  • Biggest inspiration? My Dad

xx Sal


Hi, I'm Sal and I'm your Lash Artist